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How stretch film works

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Stretched film, whether it is transversely stretched or vertically stretched, has an effect on the film, but the strength of this stretch has a great relationship with the quality of the stretched film. The stretched film is now more than just in our The transportation profession has an important effect, and now it is now in our daily life. Now many things in our daily life are mimicking the principle of stretch film, just like our plastic wrap.

In order to facilitate the adjustment of the process and the function of the stretched film during the production process of the film, the present transverse stretch ratio is present, and each of the different stretched films will have different pulls. The condition of stretching. The film stretch ratio is determined by the materials used and the usefulness of the product, so the same material is made by different stretching processes.
The appearance of stretched film has become one of the best assistants of some logistics packaging companies. Due to the existence of stretched film, some of our company's products will not be greatly affected during the transportation process. Cut a lot of lost. Stretched films are stretches with a variety of different starting points, but this pose can lead to uneven stretching, which can easily lead to the appearance of some poor quality stretched films.
The appearance of stretched film not only affects the quality of our stretch film, but also affects the products of some of our merchants. Therefore, stretch film manufacturers are doing different efforts for better quality, as long as the film is continuously improved. The transverse stretching ratio is advantageous for improving the lateral thickness uniformity of the film, and then the posture will increase the transverse tensile strength of the film, but the shortening rate still has a certain constraint, and the excessive stretching will also form. Broken, so this is still to be noted.

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