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Characteristics of black stretch wrap film

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The black stretch wrapping film saves cost, is non-toxic and tasteless, and is a new generation of packaging materials. After heating to the glass transition temperature, it is stable at room temperature, heat shrinkage occurs, and the heat shrinkage rate can reach 70% or more. The black stretch film belongs to polyester, environmentally friendly data, and is easy to recycle and recycle.

It can effectively prevent theft, and the black stretch film is suitable for moisture-proof, dust-proof, forbidden and anti-dissipation of the packaged goods, and the black stretch film is suitable for the outer packaging of valuable articles. Widely used in long strip building materials, food packaging, glass ceramics, fertilizer cement, resin raw materials, cloth, empty cans and other packaging, carton tray. The general specification is 50CM wide, the stretch film is organic and hand-operated, 4KG weight, special specifications can be customized.

The production conditions of black stretched film are very harsh, the melting point is 178 ° C, and the crystallization temperature at the maximum crystallization is 141 ° C. The stretching process conditions are mainly related to temperature. To obtain high performance and high quality black stretch film, strict control is required. Black stretch film process conditions. It needs four stages of preheating, stretching, heat treatment and cooling. The preheating temperature should be controlled at 170 °C, the stretching temperature should be controlled at 150-158 °C, the stretching ratio is generally greater than 9, and the heat setting temperature should be avoided as much as possible. The crystallization temperature at the maximum crystallization rate was 168 °C.

 black stretch wrap film

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