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How to classify stretch film

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Stretching film classification, how to divide? Whether in life or industrial production, stretch film has been widely used, we can see a variety of stretch film, size, color, different, different Stretch film itself is not the same, how to classify stretch film?

First, by weight

Stretched films are large and small, which can be divided into three categories: Mini, hand, and machine; Mini version is generally 0.3~1kg. The size of this specification is suitable for packing small items, and the hand film is generally 1.5. ~4kg, this kind of comparison is suitable for packing large and medium-sized items. The last type of machine film is mostly more than 10kg. Most of the stretch film of this specification is used by factory machinery to pack large goods.

1, mini stretch film
The mini stretch film is generally 0.3~1kg. This small size stretch film is suitable for packing smaller items, such as some small parts and accessories.

2, hand stretch film
The stretch film for hand is generally 1.5~4kg. This size can be used to pack large and medium-sized items, and it can also play a fixed role.

3, machine stretch film
Most of the machine membranes are more than 10kg. These specifications are used by machines to pack and fix large cargo.

Second, by color

The stretched film can be classified by its own color, and can be classified into a transparent stretched film, a black stretched film, and a colored stretched film. Among them, transparent and black are the most widely used. Black and other colors are not added to the pigment during the production process. Instead, the color masterbatch is added. The true quality-assured stretch film is odorless and non-toxic, so you can use it with confidence.

1, transparent stretch film
The surface of the transparent stretched film is very glossy, close to transparency. The transparent stretch film is used to package the articles, and the articles can still be clearly seen. Many foods that the supermarket uses can ensure the hygiene while improving the observability. Many merchants used to package the samples for display. After packaging, they can still see the goods inside through the film, and play the role of dustproof, moisture-proof and anti-friction.

2, black stretch film
Black stretch film, as its name implies, is black in its own right. It cannot be seen through the film. Such stretch film is mainly used to pack more important items. The function of isolating the vision can play a good role in anti-theft and anti-theft.

3, color stretch film
The color of such stretched film is varied, and the purpose of use varies from person to person. There may be unwitting buyers who are worried that the color stretch film is poisonous chemical dye and does not dare to use it. Actually, color pull Stretch film is a color masterbatch in the production process, which is a non-toxic and tasteless safety product.

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