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Characteristics of Stretch film

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1. A special composition of curable adhesive. It provides excellent solvent resistance and high temperature resistance without leaving any adhesive marks.

2, the stretch film can be simply bent. The curve does not break the circular maintenance edge.

3. Adhere to strength. The viscous properties of the textured paper wrap stretch film itself can provide an appropriate holding force even under heavy pressure.

4, easy to tear. Convenient operation Even if you use it without scissors or blades, you can still use it.

5, adaptability. The textured paper winding stretch film can be attached to the high curvature appearance, and the thickness does not need to be repaired.

6, the unwinding power is moderate. It won't be too heavy or too light for easy unwinding.

7, smoothness. The textured paper wrapping stretch film substrate is smooth and does not form a user's skin sensation.

8, not easy to break into pieces Wrap stretch film will not actively split multiple pieces.

9, the instant of the sticky entangled stretch film is sticky when touched.

10, anti-solvent wrinkle paper substrate solvent solvent penetration.

11, the basic color will not fall.

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