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The cause of the tension of the stretch film

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The tension of the stretch film is a factor in the quality of our judgment at the time of selection.

Stretch film tension is affected by multiple factors, as described below:

The non-polar polymer has a small free energy and a low surface wet tension, generally about 30 dynes/cm. In general, if the external tension of the object is less than 33 dynes/cm, the ordinary ink or the adhesive cannot be firmly attached, and it is necessary to be surface-treated.

When the aluminum is plated, the transfer of the aluminized layer occurs, and the transfer of the adhesive layer occurs when the glue is applied. The main measure to prevent the corona on the reverse side of the film is to adjust the pressure of the rubber pinch roller before the corona treatment roller. The pressure at both ends of the pinch roller should be consistent and the pressure should be appropriate.

Polyester is a polar polymer with a high surface free energy. However, for high-speed black printing or to increase the bonding between the vacuum aluminum plating layer and the appearance of the BOPET film, it is also necessary to externally treat the BOPET film to further improve the surface wet tension.

 When testing the external tension of the wrapping film, a strict dynamic and static balance test must be carried out to ensure that the plastic film enters the corona roller smoothly and prevents the air from being trapped, thereby preventing the phenomenon of reverse corona.

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