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Standard for use of stretch films

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Nowadays, stretched film has been widely used in industry and in life. The packaging products often used in stretch film can be protected from moisture, dust and reduce whether it is used for collective packaging or cargo pallets. Labor, improve efficiency, and achieve the purpose of protecting products and reducing costs. Widely used in the complete packaging of hardware, minerals, chemicals, medicine, food, machinery and other products.

With the increasing variety of stretch film on the market, how to choose a high quality stretch film product has become a special issue that we need to consider. In general, let's take a look at the standards for using stretch film.
1. Transmittance and haze are important indicators for determining the visibility and clarity of the packaged goods, and the relationship between the display effects of the products is particularly large. Both light transmittance and haze are expressed as a percentage. The larger the value of light transmittance, the better the transparency of the film. The larger the haze, the greater the turbidity of the object observed through the film, that is, the sharper the sharpness.
2. Glossiness indicates the ability of the stretched film to reflect light when exposed to light, expressed as a percentage of the brightness of the sample reflected in the direction of normal reflection relative to the standard surface. The higher the gloss value, the better the brightness of the film surface.
3, the most commonly used method of barrier is to use a certain temperature, a certain humidity conditions, the film per unit area is measured by the amount of a certain substance in a certain period of time. The effect of the stretched film on the product display is closely related to the light transmittance, haze, gloss, antistatic property, and printability of the film itself, and needs to be paid enough attention.
4. The antistatic property of the stretched film is expressed by surface resistivity or charged half life. The lower the surface resistivity and the shorter the charged half-life, the better the antistatic properties of the film.
The printed pattern on the package can not be ignored for the promotion and display effect of the product. The quality of the stretch film printing refers to whether the film needs to be surface pretreated before printing. The antistatic property of the stretched film directly affects the dust absorption of the package. Good antistatic property, not easy to vacuum; poor antistatic property, easy to vacuum. Vacuuming reduces the transparency, gloss, and clarity of the printed image, so the good antistatic properties of the stretched film are important for maintaining a good display of the bag for a long time. When a good display effect is desired, a film having good antistatic properties should be selected.

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