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Five common quality problems of PE protective film

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Although the PE protective film product can be effectively peeled off, the protective film appears on the surface of the profile.

This problem often occurs in some low-grade PE protective film products. This is because when the protective film is combined with the protected profile, it encounters a suitable environment such as sunlight and water, and a chemical cooperation occurs. There is no good way to avoid this kind of cooperation, because its reproduction is not regular.
It is difficult to peel off the PE protective film product, and the PE protective film cannot be effectively peeled off when the product is finished and peeled off.

There are two reasons for this. First, the sensitive adhesive used in PE protective film products is not a special adhesive for protective film. If this is the case, the protective film will of course have a very good effect when pasted, but it will be very difficult to peel off. This is also the most common problem with protective film produced by some illegal protective film products manufacturers. There is also a possibility that the material used for the PE protective film master tape is too soft to withstand the pulling force during peeling, and appears when peeling off. The phenomenon of breakage, this is a problem that makes users very headache.

Degumming of PE protective film products.

When the user peels off the PE protective film from the surface of the profile after the profile is installed, the adhesive of the PE protective film does not follow the protective film, but remains on the profile product. This is the user most unwilling to watch. The result may be that the pressure adhesive used for the protective film product does not conform to the regulations, that is, it is too sticky, so that when the protective film product is peeled off, the external tension is greater than the internal negative force, and remains on the profile.

The PE protective film is not firmly adhered to the protected product.

 In the process of transportation and use, the phenomenon of falling off occurs. The reason for this problem is the opposite of the previous problem. The biggest possibility is that the viscosity of the PE protective film product used in the production is not enough. There is also a possibility that The pressure of the molding machine used by the user when carrying out the mold is not enough, or the surface of the profile is not clean, dust or paint, etc., which affects the adhesive effect of the sensitive glue!

The PE protective film performed well in the middle after a period of use, but the wings were raised at both ends.
The main reason for this phenomenon is that the PE protective film stretches to a greater extent during the pasting process with the protected profile. After the post is applied, in the high temperature environment, unnecessary retraction occurs.

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