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Analysis of the problem of black stretch film rupture

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In fact, in our actual use, it is not uncommon for the black stretched film to break the film. Especially for some stretched films with relatively low thickness, this problem often occurs, and the transverse pull film is relatively common. A problem with this problem is as follows:

1. The further expansion of various inconspicuous rupture factors will lead to excessive local area.

2. When used, there are obvious horizontal stripes and bubbles on the cast piece.

3. In the production process, the chain clamp of the equipment is damaged.

4. There is a large deviation in the crystallization and orientation of the cast piece; or the damage of the filter leads to high impurity content of the cast piece.

5. It may be that when the black stretch film is produced, the raw materials contain some impurities with large differences in properties.

These conditions can cause the black stretch film to break the film, so we should pay more attention when using it.

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