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how to use the stretch film technology to remove static elec

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With the physical elimination method to eliminate the production of stretch film production of static electricity, is now one of the most important industrial production methods. This method is to use static electricity to eliminate static electricity without changing the properties of the material. This time, will introduce five kinds of physical elimination and the use of the points of attention.

Superconducting electrostatic brush elimination method
Operation process: the use of superconductive electrostatic brush and equipment to the ground connection, electrostatic brush and the substrate installed vertically on the rack.
Working principle: When the tip of the static brush near the charged
stretch film, the tip of the polarity and the polarity of the polarity of the opposite polarity of the charge, and in the vicinity of the tip of the formation of a strong electric field, the electric field is air ionization, Produce positive and negative ions in the electric field under the action of the charged body and static brush to the tip of the move, so that static electricity and.

The use of errors: the majority of equipment in the stretch film before printing, only in the printing of the front or the back of the installation of static brush, can only eliminate the static side. While the other side of the static still exist, the same will cause the printing of ink spots, ink to be, flowers and other printing problems, even if the electrostatic brush installed in the printing surface, there will be the same problem. Must eliminate the static film on both sides of the stretch film, in order to avoid the previous "static hazards" of the printing of bad products appear.

Superconductive static band elimination method
Applicable station: dedicated to the tensile film winding station static electricity. Because the winding diameter is changing, the traditional electrostatic brush installation in the winding can only play a limited role.

Operation process: the use of superconductive electrostatic zone, the superconductive static belt, vertical loading and retracting stretch film is just above the static with the upper fixed copper wire, copper wire and equipment ground wire reliable connection, the bottom of the winding Can be on the membrane.
How it works: Superconductive static belt through the corona discharge and contact discharge of the way the static discharge of the spilled into the earth. And then in the last two before the rewinding of the two conductive roller on both sides of the installation of two superconductive electrostatic brush, with superconducting electrostatic belt together, basically can eliminate the tension film winding static problems.
High voltage static eliminator.
Working principle: through high pressure, ionized air, neutralization of materials on the static electricity.
Method of operation: high-voltage static eliminator according to the structure is divided into high-pressure discharge needle and high-pressure ion flow. High pressure will be generated after the ionization of air ions, negative ions, under the action of the electric field to move with electrostatic stretching film, and charged on the stretch film on the electrostatic neutralization. The ion current is based on the former, through the compressed air will be ionized air blowing to the surface with electrostatic substrate, especially for easy access to the occasion, from the distance to eliminate static electricity.
Note: In the case of flammable and explosive, high voltage discharge and ion current high voltage static eliminator are strictly prohibited.

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