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Stretch film supply to promote environmental protection

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Environmental Protection and Our Life

Several Environmental Pollution Problems and Related Precautions Related to Physics
Packaging materials, said that the environment and development is a major concern in today's society in general, the human after a long struggle, especially the supply of winding film from the industrial revolution in the transformation of nature and economic development has made great achievements. At the same time, due to improper disposal in the process of industrialization, especially unreasonable development and utilization of natural resources, causing global environmental pollution and ecological damage, posing a real threat to the survival and development of mankind.To protect the ecological environment, to achieve Sustainable development, has become the world's urgent and arduous task.

Polluted rivers caused by the raging sandstorms, Dongguan Chan Raomo supply contaminated Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, because the consumption of contaminated food damage, calculate the pollution of the Earth's day account.

At least 800 people die prematurely daily, with 70% (1.5 billion) of the city's inhabitants inhaling polluted air, and 15,000 people die every day from drinking contaminated water, most of which is supplied by children in Dongguan Refrigerators, air - conditioners, and so on, are responsible for more than 1,500 metric tons of chlorofluorocarbons discharged into the atmosphere each day, making them the culprit of the ozone layer. Every day into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide is 56 million tons, "greenhouse effect" with this. Every day, 55,000 hectares of forest are destroyed and 161_ square kilometers of land is being desertified.There are 140,000 new cars on the road every day, more than 400 nuclear power plants in each country produce 26 tons of nuclear waste, and 1.2 million barrels of oil fall into the sea.

What is the environment
The object of environmental science research is the environment.
Environment is the outer world of human being, that is, the material condition of mankind's existence and development, including the natural environment and the social environment.
At present the human for the natural environment pollution problems have some understanding and began to pay attention to them, but many people on their side of some pollution is not agree, not knowing that these pollution has a direct impact on people's lives.

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