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What are the benefits of PE stretch film as a packaging mate

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What are the benefits of PE stretch film as a packaging material?
With the rise of all walks of life, PE stretch film has been well used in the logistics industry. PE stretch film refers to a packaging material used in packaging and packaging. In the logistics industry, it is often used more often, mainly in environmental protection, easy to use, and not easy to fall off. So what are the benefits of PE stretch film as a packaging material?
1. The PE stretch film method is selected according to the characteristics and application range of different types of stretched film, and the stretched film is stretched to the tray goods according to the preset stretch ratio, and the advantage is that the film is stretched. Uniform, beautiful packaging, adaptability (ultra-light, ultra-high cargo can be used), and under the same conditions, the resistive stretch type saves 3050% of the consumables, so that the stretch film is actively pulled out at a slower speed than the palletized goods. speed.
2. The PE stretch film is developed from a single layer to a second layer and a third layer. Currently, a PE stretch film is mainly produced by a casting method. The PE stretch film is a very tough material and is not easily crushed by a conventional plastic pulverizer. Because the PE film is soft and tough, it is not easy to shred, not to mention the high temperature of the tool at high speed, which will cause the LDPE to melt and adhere to the blade. PE granulation can be directly put into the extruder feeding port, and the PE film is dragged into the barrel by the shearing force of the screw to heat, melt and extrude the granule.
3, PE stretch film in the production and sales process does not count product quality, performance, service life, etc., and desperately make a fuss about the price, has appeared serious vicious competition, greatly hindered high performance, high level PE stretch film The development of technology has an adverse impact on the development of the stretch film market.
The advantages of the above PE stretch film as a packaging material have been shared here. In our daily life, PE stretch film is very common. In the transportation of products from all walks of life, you can see the stretch film. The product has a good protection effect in the transportation process, and can avoid the collision and the like in the transportation of the product. In the stretch film industry, the PE stretch film is the most stretched film for the transportation of the major products.

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