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PE stretch film development market

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The PE stretch film is made of Polypropylene film (BOPP). It can be coated with any color tape according to customer's request, and then coated with pressure sensitive adhesive to be dried. Adhesive tape. Trade name: PE stretch film
Product introduction: Development of PE stretch film
First, packaging / sealing occupation
1 sealing rubber (for bonding between various metals or non-metals, suitable for various carton sealing, air filters, handicrafts, etc., characterized by light color, good fluidity, fast curing speed, production High efficiency) 2 Tetra Pak straw packaging glue (primarily used for Tetra Pak pipette, cigarette filter and sealing, it is characterized by good thermal stability, fast curing speed, light color, no smell, no straw in production) There is a drop of sight) 3 PP adhesive is mainly used for PET bright box, PET film, non-woven finished bonding. It is characterized by good adhesion, high transparency, and environmental protection.
4 PET adhesive.
5 Large carton sealing hot melt adhesive (hot melt adhesive, suitable for large carton packaging, characterized by light color, good bonding function, long open time, less glue, suitable for larger carton packaging) Cap / clothing occupation
1 Velcro tape (applicable to clothing, shoes and hats with buckle rubber. Light color, strong bonding strength) 2 hot melt adhesive powder (primarily for shirts)
3 Multi-purpose pressure sensitive adhesive (suitable for coating labels, shoe composites, eyeglass case interior bonding, etc. It is characterized by good initial adhesion and excellent bonding function)
4 shoe glue (mainly used in the back of the sports shoes, the lining sponge paste. It is characterized by fast curing speed, high production efficiency, good transparency, environmental protection)
Third, medical devices / hygiene products occupation
1 Medical glue Suitable for strong adhesive tape, non-woven fabric finishing and so on. It is characterized by good initial tack, strong adhesion, no allergies to human skin, good cohesion, no residue after glue removal, suitable for strong adhesive tape, medical adhesive tape adhesive tape, yarn tape, etc.)
2 sanitary napkins, diapers professional glue.
Fourth, luggage / mat furniture career
1 Luggage Glue Special hot melt adhesive for bags and bags Suitable for combination of bag stickers, webbing and so on. Commodity environmental protection, non-influenced odor, high work efficiency)
2 mat rubber (mainly used for non-woven products, sanitary mat bonding and so on. It is characterized by strong viscosity, good transparency, environmental protection, high production efficiency).
3 Tongming furniture edge banding (applicable to furniture edge banding, such as edge banding on particleboard or density fiberboard. It is characterized by no filler, low viscosity, good bonding strength)

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