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Plastic film degradation

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Because of the material quality problems of plastic film manufacturers, many people are worried about its environmental performance. This has a great impact on the use of films. When purchasing plastic film manufacturers' products, the degradability is more concerned by manufacturers and users. .
Plastic films with good degradability have good environmental performance and low environmental pollution. At present, there are two degradation methods, one is biodegradation, and the other is the degradation achieved by using microorganisms in the nature to degrade the agricultural film. The other is photodegradation. This degradation method uses light to irradiate the degraded plastic film and breaks the degraded plastic film into organic matter and CO2 and dust, which degrades the agricultural film.
The above-mentioned biodegradation can be divided into potato starch-based biodegradation and corn starch-based biodegradation, while the photodegradation raw materials used by plastic film manufacturers are produced by photodegradation particles mixed with plastic particles.

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