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Affect the quality of plastic film factors

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The use of plastic film manufacturers' products is very user-recognized. We must understand its quality factors and choose the best quality plastic film to ensure that the use of the film is best applied.
In the production of plastic film, the release agent needs to be applied on the surface layer of the film. The quality of the substrate directly affects its performance. The residual adhesion rate refers to the second time after release of the release paper for the first time. The force at the time of peeling, calculated from the data, mainly reflects the effect of silicone oil curing. In addition, the size of the peeling force will also directly affect the performance of the release film, the industry standard peel force tolerance range is ± 15%.
With the increasing progress in the production technology of plastic film manufacturers and the improvement of quality and technology, the requirements for the cleanliness of products have become more and more stringent, the application effect has been better, and it has been more recognized by users.
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